Letters From My Children

I watched a child and her family’s moving response to receiving a sponsor, and I realized how much my letters really do mean to them. I finally opened up all of the letters from my sponsored children that had been piling up on my dresser these past few weeks. My children tell me they love me and always pray for me. They tell me that they ask God to strengthen me, bless me, guide me, provide for me, and protect me. They ask God to grant me all my heart’s desires and tell me I am always in their prayers. My heart is moved and I have to fight to hold back the tears. I don’t see hearts with this much genuine love and thankfulness very often… especially for a stranger thousands of miles away.

I’m not the best sponsor in the world. Sometimes I let the mail pile up and find my “children” have each written me several letters while waiting for a response from me. Sometimes weeks and months drift by without so much as a prayer on their behalf, the money automatically being pulled from my account (to feed, educate, and clothe them) anything but generous on my part. But then I read these letters from my 10 year old children and am absolutely amazed by how thoughtful and encouraging they are, constantly keeping me in their prayers when should really be the one praying for them

Sometimes I’m selfish and don’t want to contribute $20 for a birthday or Christmas gift, but I will easily go and spend ten times that much on a weekend out with my friends. No wonder Jesus wants us to be more like a child, untainted by status and wealth, and so selfless in their love and affection.

“I love you.”
~Yayra (age 9, Togo)

♥ Lord, forgive me of my selfish ways. Teach me to become more like a child. ♥


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