Yin Yoga and NaNoWriMo

I’m not very good at yoga, not just because I’m an “absolute beginner” (that’s right, I just finished my first yoga class!) but because I have a hard time sitting still unless I’m in front of a computer screen. Today my instructor taught us Yin yoga which is a style of yoga that focuses on stretching your ligaments and tendons to gain a greater level of flexibility (at least that’s what I got out of the class 🙂 ). I say this is my favorite style of yoga because I can’t imagine doing any type of yoga without incorporating Yin yoga into my practice.

I like to multitask and with NaNoWriMo coming up, I wonder if I can write and do Yin yoga at the same time? I can just see my fingers flying deftly over the keyboard as I hold a pigeon, cobra, or sphinx pose! I could even rest my laptop on my abdomen and type while I hold a Viparita-Karani (legs up the wall). Or would this defeat the whole purpose of yoga, which is meant to reflect and restore?

All I know is NaNoWriMo is only one day away and it scares me. 50,000 words is a long ways away and I have absolutely no idea what I’ll be writing about. Maybe a little yin and yang while I write wouldn’t be such a bad idea for the month of November, even if that’s not the “right” way to do yoga. Throwing 50,000 words onto a Word document in a month’s time isn’t exactly the “right” way to write a novel either. So I’ll light a few candles, get into my yoga pose, and write, hoping all that energy flows right out of my fingertips!


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