photo from tumblr

photo from tumblr

I’ve always wanted to do the splits, but like many things in life, the wanting never actually translated into the doing! I’m working on becoming more flexible now because every year I wait will only make it more difficult if not impossible. Twenty-five years is a long enough wait! I follow Cassey on blogilates.com where she has some great stretches and videos to help splits along. Right now I have approx 10 inches to go on my front splits and 11 inches on my side splits… plenty of room for improvement 🙂

Credit: Cassey Hon at blogilates.com

Photo Credit: Cassey Hon at blogilates.com


4 responses to “Splits

    • Can you do the splits? I would love to be able to do the splits in a year or two, so I’m trying to do these stretches at least twice a day, but that may be overly optimistic! If you have any words of advice I would love to hear them 🙂

      • Only when I’m super warm! I’ve been doing yoga regularly for almost a year now. If there are any studios that you can take a good hip opener work shop that might help get you closer! But really, regular practice does help. Pigeon pose for me is the hardest, it never gets easier but you do eventually start to enjoy the pain.

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