A Life Worth Living

I shudder in the twilight as shadows grow upon the ground

A pale moon teeters o’er the trees and me the dark surrounds

These cold steps rise before me so indifferent to my plight

But ascend I must for there is nowhere else to go tonight

Have I done what I set out to? Have I made a lasting mark?

Have I lived a life of meaning as this world I now depart?

Or am I merely a shadow, leaving no footprints around?

When I speak, longing to be heard, am I making any sound?

Does my passing stir the air so someone knows that I’ve been there?

Did my thousand mile journey really lead to anywhere?

There is no time left for questions or to ponder my life’s worth

I can only hope I made use of my time upon the earth

That I did the best I could with the short time I was given

That I cherished every day and that I lived a life worth living


Photo from tumblr

Photo from tumblr


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