Meet Yoga

Doing beginner pilates with Cassey, I quickly realized how little strength and flexibility I have, and that’s not okay considering I’m only twenty-five and should be in the best shape of my life! Soooo I bought a yoga mat and signed up for my first yoga class today! Doing workouts at home with a YouTube video is fine and dandy, but attending a live class will not only help me stay motivated but will also give me the chance to meet a bunch of cool new people.

my first headstand

my first headstand

Here’s my first headstand! It took me a few tries to be able to balance without the wall, but I can only stay up for a few seconds and I shake like a leaf. The headstand takes a good deal of core strength, balance, and control, things I am only just beginning to learn. Once I can safely hold myself up without a wall, I want to learn a modified headstand 🙂 “Love your body. It can do amazing things.”

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Carolina Melinda Photo from

Carolina Melinda
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2 responses to “Meet Yoga

  1. Yoga is perfect for health. Any activity you done in group will make stress free and social.
    Very nice to that you join yoga class.
    wish you happy life and healthy life.

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