The Great Unknown

This double exposure photo by Oliver Morris reminds me of a photo I saw years ago of a forest edge, the clearing almost completely covered by foliage. I was so intrigued by what lied beyond the forest, imagining a great castle just over the hill, and had kept the photo as my desktop background for some time before I lost it in the deep recesses of the Internet. But I never forgot it and the question still lingers: “What lies beyond?”

Photo by Oliver Morris 2011

Photo by Oliver Morris 2011

The same question haunts me when I see Oliver’s photo, but instead of wondering what lies beyond the forest, I wonder what lies within. I feel a personal connection to this girl, separated from the forest by a pane of glass. What would it be like to throw aside all my inhibitions and step out into the unknown? It’s a wilderness out there. What adventures might await me? I feel a bit afraid and excited too, and I think this may be because God is out there somewhere, because he always calls us to follow him into new and unfamiliar places so that we might rely on him.


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