Green Elves and Word Wars

Today officially marks day 5 of NaNoWriMo.

They say week one is the easiest, but by day 3 and day 4 I was already ready to give up my novel for good, tired of writing about doctor wolves, superhero dogs, and homeless turtles. So tonight my sister and I decided to do word wars and compete to see who could write the most words in the shortest amount of time. The loser had to do something for the other person (i.e. give a back massage to the other person or get them a bowl of ice cream). Well I can tell you it worked! My wolf, tired of traveling that boring and mediocre road suddenly found herself sucked up into the clouds by a tornado where she met a green fairy who not only turned her into a beautiful human but also granted her three wishes. Nobody said NaNoWriMo would be pretty, but they did say that with enough sweat, perseverance, and dumb luck, we would cross that 50,000 word finish line to the screams and cheers of our fans. Keep up the good work fellow NaNoWriMoers! The best is yet to come.

Feel free to take a pair of lucky slippers to help you finish NaNoWriMo!

Feel free to take a pair of lucky slippers to help you finish your novel this month!


3 responses to “Green Elves and Word Wars

  1. Congrats for getting back in the swing of loving your novel! It sounds pretty intriguing to me! I mean green elves and wolves??Yes, please! I wish you the best of luck on this journey! Cheers ^^

      • On the first day, i wrote 8k+ words (first day excitement) and then everyday, i keep trying to match up to that haha. To me, NaNo is all about competing with yourself so I just keep trying to beat my personal best XP might sound stupid but it’s helped me thus far. Now, i’m hoping to finish the 50k by the 10th. Fingers crossed 😀

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