Moon Over Mountains


© Kiersten Gazelka, 2013

This is one of my favorite photos despite the man-made objects that “get in the way” of nature’s perfect beauty. I thought about crossing the road to get a “clean shot” of the white orb that hung suspended over the softly-lit mountain clouds, but decided against it. I can see past the yellow-striped road and the telephone lines to yet another miracle unfolding in the sky. It reminds me to look past the artificial and the ugly to be able to see and appreciate all the beautiful things around me. There are miracles everywhere. We just need to take the time to notice them.


2 responses to “Moon Over Mountains

  1. This photo shows your raw talent as a photographer. If you would have cloned out the telephone lines, it would have killed the necessary horizontal composition- the whole top half! But left in, it’s a marriage of “God and man” and again, shows your artistic eye. You’ve got a great eye! Hope things are well in your neck of the woods. :0) xo

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