Love Me Through the Rain

You love me more than I can know

Showing me your love through the rain

Billions of streaking sopping drops

Reflecting both your joy and pain

You wish that I would come to you

And share with you my inner thoughts

That I would love you in return

But I’m afraid that I cannot

Like the prodigal son I run

Thinking I can make it on my own

Your great heart cries out when you see

I’m lost and terribly alone

Great drops of tears fall from the sky

When you close your saddened eyes

Pitter patter on my porch

The soft whisper of your heart’s cries

You will not force me to return

To the arms of your embrace

But you will wait for me despite

My foolish pride and my disgrace

I forsake my ways and run to you

And hugging my bedraggled form,

You laugh and fresh tears fall anew

And I am basking in the storm

Your tears have washed away my sin

Making righteous a worthless sinner

And my past is hidden beneath the bridge

Beneath the swelling river

~Kiersten Anna

Photo by Stefano Costanzo

Photo by Stefano Costanzo


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