Dear Mom and Dad,


I am so thankful for both of you, and for all that you have done in my life! I just wanted to tell you a few of the many things I am grateful for.

Mom – Thank you for teaching me to eat healthy! Your struggle was not in vain, for while I did buy my usual pack of coke and Oreos today, I bought a meager supply of bananas, apples, baby carrots, and celery sticks as well!

Thank you for encouraging me to read when I was younger and stupidly thought books were a waste of time. I still remember how much I struggled with reading books like “Nicole Digs a Hole” and “Sue likes Blue.” Now many books have become like old friends, and I will someday teach my own kids the value of reading and education.743026_w185

Thank you for not letting me get the tattoo that I wanted because I would have regretted it later.

Thank you for just being you, the gypsy storm-lover who made me also love storms and love traveling the world!

Thank you for letting us get a dog time and time again even though you knew the boys would never train it!

Dad – Thank you for helping me fix the Tahoe when it broke down, and for helping me buy a reliable car when I went away to college! And for all the other repairs/oil changes/maintenance work it needed along the way!

Thank you for driving all the way down to Missouri with me for my first job interview, and for helping me unpack all my things and move in.

Thank you for teaching me how to shoot a gun. Thank you for all those times you took me hunting up North or fishing in Canada. There is something about the untamed wilderness that calms my heart and brings me closer to God. I still remember building snowmen by the roadside when I could not find the deer stand and reading my Bible that I had covered in a Ziploc bag to protect it from the falling snow. That is still one of my favorite memories.


Mom and Dad – Thank you for staying together all these years and showing me what a family unit should look like as God intended it. Thank you for always loving each other and loving your kids, for always providing for me and my siblings so that we never wanted for anything.

Thank you for sending me to a Christian school when I was younger even though it was expensive, and for taking out loans so that I could go to college. Thank you for paying for me to have piano and violin lessons, attend school sports and other activities, and travel to other countries around the world.

Thank you for being there for me when I need you, when I call on the phone because I had an awful day or because I have a story I want to tell you or because I have a favor I want to ask of you.

Thank you for teaching me to think for myself and to not judge people based on their skin color, religion, or social class… although I admit I still have a hard time not judging the people who voted Obama into office…

Thank you for teaching me to love God and love others, and for instilling within me a strong moral compass. Thank you for teaching me to honor you so that I may live long on this earth, and so that I may be a crown to you! I love you both!



4 responses to “Dear Mom and Dad,

  1. Ah my dear daughter, jewel of my heart! All fathers should be as blessed as am I to have a daughter like you! I still smile, remembering the snowman, and my wonder at the wonder you are! Enjoy the blessing of heaven over your life!
    See you soon,
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  2. Hi,
    I really enjoyed this message. As a parent myself it is an encouragement to hear thank you from one of my children while I am alive. Sometimes children only appreciate parents when they are no longer there.

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