‘Freedom’ in Christ

****A message to the Church****

Sometimes I feel like a stranger on the outside looking in

Judgmental looks remind me I am laden down with sin

Yes I know my shoes are dirty and I’ve traveled off the road

And I know I’ve squandered many of the seeds that you have sown

But we all have wandered a time or two or three or four or five

For some it can take a lifetime for them to finally arrive

I admit that I’m not perfect, and I never claimed to be

I do not have all the answers, I don’t always clearly see

But you treat me like a sinner who has never seen the Light

And you tell me I am dead and doomed to perish in the Night

Unless, you say, I follow the road that you mapped out for me

Which is different than the Bible but you say it will set me free

Faith is the recipe for salvation and faith without works is dead

But if that is what I believe then clearly the Bible I’ve misread

To be saved I must be baptized and must always go to church

I must partake of communion after my heart I’ve carefully searched

I must tithe a fixed percentage of all the income that I make

Or on Judgment Day when I’m at the gate, me the Lord will forsake

I must follow all your rules and all your lists and regulations

And I must not criticize when you meet not my expectations

Because you tell me I am free but I feel laden down with chains

And I worry that I won’t measure up or heaven will attain

Is it such a surprise that I run from you and my back is at the door?

That I throw off all your burdens and cast your chains onto the floor?

For I seek a faith that’s real, a faith that’s genuine and true

A faith where salvation does not hinge on a long list of to-do’s

Love the Lord and love your neighbor, isn’t that what Jesus said?

And the law will be fulfilled, or do you think he was misled?

Did he shed his blood so that you could make your own rules up instead?

Photo by Kiersten Gazelka, 2013

Photo by Kiersten Gazelka, 2013

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery” (Galatians 5:1).


4 responses to “‘Freedom’ in Christ

  1. Kiersten, Absolutely beautiful. What a powerful message and I can tell it comes straight from the heart. May God continue to bless you.

  2. I like that pic. :0)

    Remember these things:

    The servant is not above the Master, as Jesus said. If they persecuted Him, do not think you (or me, or any other Christian) will escape it- and when you’re persecuted- REJOICE.

    More times than not, it’s our own Brothers and Sisters who will be doing the persecuting.

    Everywhere Jesus went, there were those who layed snares for Him and His words; for where there is Truth, there is opposition. When this happens to you, remember that you are being tried and “perfected”. We’re only truly perfected when we’re in the fiery furnace, right? Right!

    Jesus didn’t coddle people. He called them out! He called them a “generation of vipers” and hypocrites- and those were the disciples he was talking to! Yep. He did chew up the Scribes, Pharasees, and Saduccees too though..heheh..

    The greater the darkness, the greater you shine. :0)

    Don’t let other peoples’ darkness dirty you. If they toss away their oil- use it in your own lamp- shine brighter.


    • Thank you for your encouragement! It is so easy to get discouraged when people who claim to be Christians are not my allies… but I wish they would be so! “Where there is Truth, there is opposition. Don’t let other peoples’ darkness dirty you.” Lovely words. I will remember them 🙂

      • You’re welcome. :0) I learned these things through years of persecution myself. My sweetest memories (and the richest, most alive ones) I have, are the ones that I thought I would die from pain or loneliness- it etched something into me that became part of me- but it took a lot of pain the get it. And really, that’s what the Cross is all about, you know? It’s a place that we must go to (daily) to become more like Christ- but in order to do that, we must be nailed down to it. And that hurts! But brings joy later. :0) (Much like birth.)

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