Upon the Heights

I stand upon the heights and see
Everything as it was meant to be

I see the stars, the moon and the sun
“Good work,” the Lord says, “Everything is done”

"Chasing the Moon" - Joseph Rossbach

“Chasing the Moon” – Joseph Rossbach

The sky is a canvas overhead
Pale white clouds are knit in the bed

Photo by Rudiger Nehmzow

Photo by Rudiger Nehmzow

The soft patter of rain kisses the earth
Plants spring alive in the joy of rebirth

Water and ice pour like a fountain
Rivulets stream down the arms of the mountain

Past fields of grass, knolls and hills
Into the valley this wild life fills

Gracing the daisies, causing orchids to stand
Wild, vibrant vegetation comes forth on the land

Photo by Carolyn Cochrane

Photo by Carolyn Cochrane

Brilliant fog, in its white shade of night
Shrouds those considered lovely out of spite

Photo by Sam Abell

Photo by Sam Abell

Until the sun raises its voice and stretches out its hand
Revealing dunes caked with golden sand

Fangs dripping with venom, on its belly it lies
A blue spotted lizard rests in the sun to fry

Monitor lizard, Papua New Guinea
Here in a land parched and dry
Sizzling with heat under the noonday sky

In the forests are rows of foliage and trees
Than the finest lace are more intricate leaves

But to pass into shadow as fall comes around
Hues of red, orange and yellow cover the ground

A lioness prowls to catch food for her young
Stories of her strength have yet to be sung

The flex of her muscle at each passing move
The power of her jaws as she rips through her food

Mighty waterfalls prove natures power
Cascading upon the rocks they shower

Photo by Bruno Ricardo

Photo by Bruno Ricardo

On the surface of the water, foam does bubble
Silver streaked fish in the darkness huddle

Fins twitching violently, gills open wide
To show that in water, fish still breathe inside

Photo by Graham Owen

Photo by Graham Owen

The most astounding, beautiful scene
Appears when nature reveals her queen

As light settles quickly into night
The clouds spread out in a hurried plight

On the horizon the sun finds its way
To paint the final masterpiece of the day

"Heaven and Hell" - Jim Harmer

“Heaven and Hell” – Jim Harmer

Amethyst and jasmine color the sky
Against this backdrop a lone bird flies

Copyright Artful Things

Copyright Artful Things

The heavens become more brilliant than ever
As evening fades to dusk and theres a shift in the weather

Darkness approaches and so does a storm
Wrath is unleashed in all proper form

Lightning splits the sky like an open wound
Searing my eyes so I bay like a hound

Rumbling in the deep is the reply of thunder
Its booming voice proclaiming all of nature’s wonder

Photo by Michael Nichols, National Geographic

Photo by Michael Nichols, National Geographic

A warm breeze finds its way down the cliff
Through the rocks and through the riff

Suddenly all is peaceful in the night
As a fire at my feet produces light

The moon’s eerie glow pulses upon the sea
Black waves hit the breakers tirelessly

In the water, as I am surprised to behold
That deep beneath the surface shines a light as gold

Cloaked within the inky blackness a fish does wait
A candle going before its jaws to entice bait

I could lay here forever in this quiet place
And stare at the stars and the vast open space

But to fall asleep would be a dreadful mistake
To sleep on the beauty that I must partake

The smooth glass surface of an untouched pond
The moonlit figure of a glowing swan

Its graceful neck bowed low in humility
Its shadows wings tucked in tranquility


Crickets are chirping in the branches
Frogs on their lilies begin their dances


In the heavens there are storehouses filled with hail and snow
That will be unleashed to fall far below

The white powder of snow glides and touches the ground
The pelting of hail makes a much louder sound

Merced River Snowfall

The water hardens into solid ice crystals
Through this exotic land a new wind whistles

Tracks are the only thing marring the blanket
That has covered the naked trees and the thicket

A snow white rabbit is camouflaged in this sea
As a gray wolf passes it beneath a tree

Photograph by Tom & Pat Leeson/KimballStock

Photograph by Tom & Pat Leeson/KimballStock

The land will turn lush and again birds will sing
But not yet for winter about this must bring

The smooth glass surface of a pond
The absent figure of a swan

The days will come again where life springs anew
Where upon the warm shores flowers bud bright and true


Upon the heights I stand and see
Everything as it was meant to be

I see the stars, the moon and the sun
“Good work,” the Lord says, “Everything is done”



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