Nothing to Wear

Yesterday, I got rid of 54 shirts and a scarf [insert applause here]… and this is after I already hauled several bags of clothes to my parent’s house for my younger siblings to sift through before donating the rest to Goodwill or the trash (by “got rid of” I mean that the clothes fill two whole trash bags and are awaiting my next trip to Minnesota—sorry, mom!). It took me nearly 2 hours to try on all my tops and pose in front of the mirror to see if they still worked. I imagine if I had the closet space and could hang up all my clothes instead of using a dresser, my closet would look something like this:

I’m a pack rat, and I often feel compelled to save everything that I think I MIGHT need in the future. In some ways this is good. I save receipts when I buy gifts for others on the off-chance I need to exchange it (or for myself, when I think I might want to return something in a few days when really I shouldn’t have bought it in the first place if I was already having doubts at the store), gift bags, buttons, letters. But I realize it’s not necessary to save every single bank statement for the last year and a half or articles of clothing that I’ve had since high school that I simply don’t wear anymore. Collared, fading, baggy, old, stained, itchy and uncomfortable… all had to go. It’s never easy getting rid of my stuff, especially my clothes, because the pack rat side of my brain tells me, “What if you’ll like that style/material in a couple years? And if you get rid of that many clothes, you’ll have nothing to wear!” But I remember that if I haven’t worn some of those clothes for the past few years, what makes me think I’m going to wear any of them in the next few? All those clothes do is take up closest space and make me think “I have nothing to wear” every time I peek in my closet, because I no longer wear or like those clothes. But now when I open my newly renovated closet, I see plenty to wear, because all that’s left are clothes I feel comfortable in. Doesn’t matter the size of the closet or the number of clothes. There will always be “nothing to wear” if what’s there needs a good sorting-through!

I barely managed to escape this ill and tragic fate!

Barely managed to save myself from an ill and tragic fate!


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