Single and Waiting

“It’s all about you!” the waitress said again in a genuinely apologetic manner, handing us our receipts. My best friend looked up, surprised she didn’t get one, and the waitress explained that her meal was free due to the wait. She smiled. “It’s all about you.” I was also surprised – not at the free meal, but at the lack of condescension in her voice. Although many of us may believe life is all about us, we never expect anyone else to acknowledge that, much less say it! The irony was that we didn’t have to wait at all. The waitress had to wait until we had finished catching up before she could take our order.

I often wonder why so many of us see waiting as a bad thing, and why waiting is so hard. But one glance at our society and the answer is pretty obvious. The average fast-food drive-thru takes less than 3 minutes. Light comes on at the flip of a switch. We get information at the click of a button. TV dinners make real cooking obsolete (for some of us). We live in a society that offers instant results and instant gratification. We hardly have to wait for anything anymore, and when so many of us delude ourselves into thinking we shouldn’t have to wait for anything, we can suddenly have unrealistic expectations about some things, especially when it comes to relationships.

In fact, waiting is so uncommon these days that it’s likely some of us have forgotten what this word even means! According to Merriam-Webster, waiting is:

  • to remain stationary in readiness or expectation
  • to look forward expectantly
  • to hold back expectantly
  • to be ready and available

I’ve been single my entire 23-year-life, and I wouldn’t be completely honest if I said I was “happy” and “content” with being single, or that my “single” Facebook status was of my choosing. But I am honest when I say that I am learning to be happy and content. I believe God allows seasons like this so that we will learn to trust him despite our own doubts, insecurities, and uncertainties. Waiting is the hardest part because it test our faith and forces us to decide whether or not we will wait on God and trust his promises or take life into our own hands.


I love this definition: to look forward expectantly. God has incredible plans for us! Even though he doesn’t always tell us exactly what they are, he does promise that if we trust him, he will make us prosper and will protect us from harm, and he will give us hope and a future. If we are willing to wait on him – even when all our friends are getting engaged and there seems to be few eligible singles left – he promises he will give us the desires of our hearts. He promises that even though we don’t know what the future holds, he does, and he will direct our steps.

I am single, but God has my heart! And I trust him to take care of it.


Learn to trust, is what he says,

And put your faith in me

And I swear that I’ll get you

Where you need to be



6 responses to “Single and Waiting

  1. I like your subjective view on waiting… but in modern society, there is often a wait, to get into a restaurant, to enter a theater… sometimes for a bus… and sometimes in a car, on the road, in a traffic jam. People have become impatient, and so these fast food places are trying to appeal to those who feel they’re wasting a lot of time while waiting. Since I always have a book with me, I don’t suffer so much from waiting. But if I’m in a traffic jam, it is a challenge. Wishing you the realization of your hopes and prayers in the near future.

  2. You are so right! You bring word that come from the Fountain of Living water. True. Pure. Trustworthy. Lifegiving. Refreshing. Stay the course sweet sister.

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