Of all the things I am thankful for, I thank God the most for my twin brother and sister!

At eight years old, they have captured my heart in a way no one else has.

I love how they freely give hugs and kisses, and how they are so free in their affection and praise.

I love how they beg me to tell them a bedtime story every night, and how they remember so many of the details even after months go by! And how they are so eager to help me write and illustrate the second book of the series.

I love their complete trust in me, how they let “nurse Kiersten” and no one else talk them into removing the splinters from their hands even though they knew it would hurt.

These are the sunflowers we planted and watered together.

I love growing sunflowers with them, singing and dancing with them, and seeing their excitement at the small things in life – such as getting to ride down the driveway in the front passenger seat of my car, or getting to eat lunch with me at their school.

I love how Sam does not quit when I am beating him at chess, and how Macy still cries when I have to go away for a few months.

I love their sweet childlike innocence, and their faith in God and others.

Sam’s letter to dad after losing one of his favorite stuffed animals on Halloween, hoping dad would be able to help him find it again – written November 2012


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