50 Ways to Tell Someone “I Love You”

  1. Write them a letter.
  2. Respect their privacy. You don’t need to know every little detail about their past. You don’t need to know who they’re texting or who they’re on the phone with. Really, you don’t. Do you like it when others read over your shoulder?
  3. Wash their car.
  4. Lower your expectations. No one is perfect so stop expecting them to be!
  5. Give them a massage.
  6. Forgive and forget. It’s normal to get angry, but holding grudges kills relationships. There comes a time when you have to move on.
  7. Take them on an adventure.
  8. Show interest in their hobbies. Just because you don’t like watching football doesn’t mean you can’t watch it with them every once in awhile!
  9. Offer to pay for their meal.
  10. Listen to them. Temporarily stop what you’re doing to minimize distractions and show that you’re actually listening.
  11. Give them a hug or kiss.
  12. Give up your spot on the couch or at the table if that’s their favorite place to sit.
  13. Run an errand for them.
  14. Be patient with them. Change doesn’t happen overnight. We all need time to grow and mature.
  15. Admit when you’re wrong.
  16. Fill up their car with gas.
  17. Show genuine gratitude when they do something right. Sometimes a simple “thank you” will suffice!
  18. Respect them enough to have their own opinions and make their own decisions. You can give your input, but ultimately they are in charge of their own life!
  19. Find out what they hate and do it for them. Even if that means cleaning the bathroom, weeding the garden, or washing the dishes.
  20. Compliment them. Cover their windshield or bathroom mirror with encouraging post-it notes.
  21. Help them organize their fridge/cupboards/closet.
  22. Give them space when they need it. Constant hovering can be both frustrating and annoying.
  23. Cook them dinner.
  24. Be willing to compromise.
  25. Surprise them with a small gift every once in awhile.
  26. Do things without being asked. When the trash is full, take it out. When dinner is over, put away the dishes.
  27. Remember special occasions and celebrate it with them.
  28. Baby them when they’re sick.
  29. Laugh at their jokes. Even if they’re not funny, it’s still okay to laugh!
  30. Spend quality time with them. If you’re really busy, then you may need to adjust your priorities.
  31. Let them have victories. Even if they’re wrong, if the issue isn’t that important, it doesn’t hurt to let them think they’re right!
  32. Keep their secrets.
  33. Send them texts throughout the day that show you’re thinking about them.
  34. Keep in touch with them if you live far apart.
  35. Be honest with them. Let them know when they hurt you.
  36. Be considerate. That means not interrupting them when they’re talking!
  37. Be supportive. Let them know they can come and talk to you about anything, at any time. Answer your phone when it rings at 3am. Don’t pretend you slept through it! If your alarm clock wakes you up, your phone should too.
  38. Inspire them. Learn what makes them come alive and fill their life with those things, whether it is creating a song list or planning a vacation. Help them achieve their goals and dreams.
  39. When you know they’re really busy, ask “Is there anything I can do to help you?”
  40. Trust them.
  41. Shovel their driveway and scrape off their windshield.
  42. Give them the freedom to be themselves.
  43. Protect them. This means keeping them out of harm’s way but also confronting people who talk negatively about them.
  44. Show initiative. Relationships are a two way street, and a balance of give and take is essential for growth.
  45. Give without expecting anything in return.
  46. Never give up on them.
  47. Teach them something new.
  48. Be willing to be vulnerable. Share yourself with them even if it takes you out of your comfort zone.
  49. Take care of yourself. Don’t expect anyone else to carry your burdens for long. It is selfish on your part and mentally exhausting for them.
  50. Tell them how much you care about them and appreciate them. Although actions speak louder than words, we still need to hear it!

8 responses to “50 Ways to Tell Someone “I Love You”

  1. I am surprised that “honesty” only features at number 35 on the list; similarly “showing initiative” at number 44 – but I am glad that they are there! I suppose the list can be prioritised as required. 🙂

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